Our Company At a Glance

Ever since establishing our business foothold in the nation’s key strategic industries in 1986, our growth has been achieved in parallel with our efforts to help INDIA succeed in its unprecedented economic rise. Together, we have overcome a series of dynamic market changes and turbulent economic cycles by innovating and making bold investments. The branch network of GOBIND INDUSTRIES grew steadily to follow the demand for its products. Today there are 120 branches spread all over India. Two factories produce implements, WHEAT THRESHER, ROTAVATOR, MULTICROP THRESHER, MAIZE SHELLER, PADDY THRESHER, CULTIVATOR, HARROW, POTATO PLANTER, MB PLOUGH, STRAW REAPER, ZERO TILL & LEVELLER. The cumulative production exceeds 12000 implements. Gobind Industries draw its most noteworthy quality as the biggest producer of Threshers. Our assembling limit has essentially expanded throughout the years with the appropriation of world-class innovation which has helped us reinforce our item portfolio in India as well as over the globe.

To keep everybody conscious of their obligations in the association we endeavor to construct hierarchical capacities with the aid of organizing sturdy establishment of specialized know-how, which encourages them to acquire their objective with their fantastic potential.

Our way to deal with build up a commendable framework brought about anchoring unmatchable execution of our items and administrations. Our focus is always around the core fundamentals of the assembling discipline.

We are focusing on the proficiency of our work, by way of having protection as our need in the entirety of our tactics and their working. We typically center around the streamlining of the existing creation and to transmute the present triumphs into a realistic business future. Gobind Industries has an extensive assembling workplace whose assembling tasks keep running on integrated SAP frameworks. This state-of-the-art facility includes the following manufacturing processes.




Our manufacturing units are geared up with the modern machines which help us to improve our machining accuracy it also enables us to achieve our complex tasks and detail. While creating flexibility in manufacturing it increases the safety side and also reduces the production cost which also affects the product cost. Boosting up our production volume it reduces setup-changeover time.


















Our Advanced  Robotic Automation machines reduce the possibilities of human error, still, after the processing,  components are checked again thoroughly for its geometrical accuracy,  which eliminates the rejections and ensures that the manufactured components roll out wit  ‘Zero-Defect’  and  Long – Lasting. Our  Robot-based automation builds the skill ability of welding varieties and empowers us to produce a greater number of components in much less time while reducing the scrap, increasing quality and enhancing the workplace environment.






Gearbox and facet equipment are assembled together on our assembly line which collectively is used as a satisfactory accessible innovation.  On our assembly line, we use the best available technology to ensure that our farm machinery delivers the most when they are needed the most.  The  State – of – the Art assembly line is one of the high – quality lines geared up with an excessive quality automated slat conveyor system that ensures constant and zero defect production.





We at Gobind Industries are giving our clients the effects of unmatchable quality. We have an in-house powder overlaying workplace that leaves a sturdy effective complete that will face the harshest conditions. These coatings are made out of cutting edge materials and available in completions, for example, gloss, flat and textured. Our powder coatings guarantee well-known assurance against UVs, effect, and warmth while conferring brilliant sturdiness and adaptability, and in addition defending properties.




Our shot blasting unit eliminates the usage of non-eco friendly and harsh chemicals and provides higher production rates, wider abrasive selection and better blast pattern accuracy. The finished surface obtained is absolutely free from chemical deposits, scales, and dust content and protect the virgin metal while removing scales and this facilitates the formation of a permanent bond between the protective coat and the surface. It also helps to detect surface faults or defects hence it increases longevity and durability of protective surface coats as it adheres better to the cleaned and scale-free surface.




Press Shop

Our cutting side workplace accommodates world category machines upheld by way of innovation of the most astounding request.  Our stalwart assembling unit employee the slicing aspect advances like laser cutting, plasma cutting, Hydraulic press, and shearing bending.  We are geared up with genuine exactness plasma cutting innovation to deliver excessive resilience and sturdy items.
















Our Warehouse consist of a vast area which is capable of storing a large number of spares and the needy items which is our basic necessity to manufacture our products in a flow without any obstacle. It also helps us to Stay in compliant with customer requirements. We believe in the practicing called safety stocking, which is very useful at certain conditions to fulfill our requirement.