M. B. Plough

M. B. Plough is used to prepare seed bed in agricultural sector. Our M. B. Plough is efficient in doing so with low power consumption and modified design. It can also handle ploughing job works while delivering outstanding ground penetration. Our M. B. Plough is very durable, easy to use and demands low maintenance.



  • The under-frame and unit-to-unit clearance are adequate to cope with trashy conditions.
  • Adding an extra furrow or repositioning units to allow for extra clearance is quick and easy.
  • Our Plough has special wear-resistant  steel blade with bar points for toughest ploughing jobs.
  • Bar points having longer life, as they can be extended till the last possible length.
  • It is designed to work in all type of soil, for soil breaking, soil raising and soil turning.

Technical Specification

Size 4 Furrow
Number of Tynes 3 & 4
Tyne Type 490 X 231 mm Profile cut single piece
Mould Board 8 mm
Shovel (Point) EN – 42 Forged
3 Point Linkage 75 X 20 mm Flat
Bearing 32017
Adjustment Hydraulic
Width Of Cut(Between Tynes) 29 Inches
Depth Of Cut 35 mm
Weight 205 Kg
Blade Type En-8, Steel Blade