Thresher – Multi Crop

The crops like Red Gram, Mustard, Soybeans, Millets etc can be threshed with this thresher as it is designed with latest technology. The Double Speed provision is made to control the higher strike of threshing rotor to avoid any breakage of grain during threshing. The RPM of threshing drum and suction blower can be regulated between 500 – 720 and 750 – 950 respectively when required.


Technical Specification

Dimensions 267 X 115 X 155 Inches
Weight 1125 Kg
Horse Power Required 35 & above
Thresher Cylinder
Type Spike Tooth Open Cylinder
Length 67 cm
Diameter 75 cm
Cleaning System Centrifugal Blower & Oscillating Screen


Performance (Multicrop) Capacity (in Tons per hour)
Wheat, Blackgram 0.7 to 0.8
Beans, Soyabeans, Jawar 0.9 to 1.0
Millet, Bajra 1.2 to 1.5


Thermal Efficiency % Over 99
Cleaning % More Than 97
Breakage % Less Than 2
Total Losses % Less Than 4