• Gobind Rotavator is better than any other agricultural Rotavator as it prepares the soil
    in just one or two times of cultivation, hence saving up to 40% of diesel and nearly 60%
    of time.
  • Traditional method takes minimum 10-15 days to prepare seed bed, whereas cultivating
    the farm by Gobind Rotavator makes the soil ready immediately for sowing.
  • Gobind Rotavator immediately prepares the soil, by which the moisture of previous crop
    doesn’t get wasted, which helps the water management.
  • Cultivation of soil can even be done immediately after the rain, because it’s the ideal
    use of Rotavator, it also pushes the tractor forward in soil.
  • Gobind Rotavator is beneficial for reaped land of sugarcane, bananas, jute, grass and
    any type of crop.

Salient Features

Gear Box: Heavy Duty export quality gear box, which has longer service life.
Box Frame: Consist of heavy duty square pipe and built up from heavy plates.
Trailing Board: Contains automatic spring system, which helps to have a quality
cultivation of soil, and its pressure balance the wet soil.
P.T.O Shaft: Built with water proof cross and protection guard.
Double Spring: It contain double spring with multi lip oil seal.
Tiller Blades: Made up with advance imported parts, which easily cultivate the soil
without any heavy load helping in smooth running.
Side Transmission: Built with best quality steel, heat treated with advance technology,
with results in regular functioning with longer life.

Technical Specification

Model GI – 120 GI – 150 GI – 175 GI – 200 GI – 225
Tractor Power 30-35 H.P. 35-45 H.P. 45-55 H.P. 55-70 H.P. 70-75 H.P.
Overall Width 150 cm 180 cm 205 cm 230 cm 255 cm
Tillage Width 120 cm 150 cm 175 cm 200 cm 225 cm
Gear Box Speed Single / Multi Single / Multi Single / Multi Single / Multi Single / Multi
Side Transmission Gear Gear Gear Gear Gear
P.T.O Speed (RPM) 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000
Rotor Speed (RPM) 220 220 220 220 220
No. of Blades 36 42 48 54 60
GearBox Overload Protection Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt


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