A company’s Research and Development department plays an essential function in the existence of a product. Our R&D centre in plant intently works with the manufacturing and sales department, monitoring the day to day demand characteristic of the worldwide market and developing merchandise catering to it effectively. The branch is committed in the direction of developing new product designs, existing product updates, quality assessments and innovation. Research and development activities have emerge as a top aspect of our organisation in designing and manufacturing.

Gobind Industries has realized the troubles of our farmers to the core and have been working tirelessly in the direction of bridging these gaps and offering a sustainable solution for the issues of farmers. Our commitment to furnish indigenous farm solutions at an affordable price resulted in the establishment of our R&D Centre. We have in-house testing facility for all the components to make sure that our customers get the best quality products. Further the R&D department works in coordination with the production department to ensure smooth transition of technology from design department to assembly line production.

Due to the rapid boom, the unit was quickly elevated to turn out to be R&D Centre, which is extending the areas of knowledge even further. Since new opportunities and possibilities are arising from the Regional product requirements, we considerably analyzed the development and the competition in the market. Based on the statistics we collected, we delineated the implications for the future work of the unit. These included as defining its essential points of focus, moderate organizational adjustments to the structure and the identification of standard efficiency potentials for the developing organization.



Our product development crew closely interacts with clients alongside with marketing team to recognize their needs, purposes and tailor the merchandise as per their demands. Product validation centre ensures the product reliability and sturdiness through a various stages of tests which includes element testing by way of simulating actual working conditions primarily based on the load statistics taken on variety of fields across the markets. Our R&D core strength lies in the quick response to the market to pride our customers. Our R&D is an integrated Design, development centre, with seven Centres of Excellence (CoE) underneath one roof:

  • Design Implementation Cell (ERN Cell)
  • Product Design & Computer-aided Engineering Simulation Center
  • Product Development
  • Prototype build centre
  • Product validation (Testing) centre
  • Supplier Quality Control
  • Vendor Development



Our vendor development centre ensures product reliability through early involvement of suppliers as technological know-how partners. To ensure the top quality with the reasonable price of implements our Research and development team uses the latest software along with the Computer-aided Engineering and Computer-aided manufacturing programs. Dedicated excellent control with in R&D ensures to inbuilt the high-quality in to the product seeing that inception from concept.



Product validation (Testing) centre equipped with:

  • Gearbox test beds to test in accelerated conditions
  • Transmission Test Rigs
  • Test lab for machine fatigue
  • Roll over Protection Structure testing Rigs
  • PTO Test Bed

With our R&D engineering professionals, we constantly push technological know-how ahead in our merchandise via innovation and frugal engineering practices.



The state-of-art manufacturing unit at our Manjitha plant (Barabanki) is geared up with contemporary equipments and technology as per global standards. The plant has its very own R&D set up, testing cells, quality check & control centre, and manufacturing area. The company produces its own spare components as per standards set by the international pioneers.
The R&D works persistently to create new designs for our implements, to make them greater fuel efficient, glitch free, more effective and customer friendly.